Malaysia are catching up e-investment trends. We already see several companies try to force their way to our market. But only a few new (and existing) players caught my interest for my long term investments. This article are meant for people who wanted to start their investment or already half a way in investment, in other words: Beginners and Intermediate investors.

1. StashAway

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I’m a fan of this app because it is easy and simple to use. Not only that, the management fees and zero minimum deposits are so attractive for new investors. StashAway offer the flexibility of managing your portfolio with whichever risk you like. They use the money you invested and purchase ETF for you. If you wanted to learn more about StashAway, head toward to my Thoughts on StashAway


ASNB just released their app not too long ago. For many Malaysian, this is our favourite platform where returns are 100% most of the time (even to-date!). What people like about it is the return of dividend is more than 5%. Now by having an app, it made things a lot easier where you can invest directly to your phone and not going to the bank or transfer on your desktop. ASNB put a minimum of RM100 for every investment you made.



Another Robo Advisor player has join the contest. MYTHEO is similar to StashAway where they offer the flexibility of investing. However, they offer to no flexibility of adding multiple portfolio. And similar to StashAway, they use the money you invested and purchase ETF on your behalf.  The starting fees is RM500 and subsequent minimum amount is RM100.

There you go. 3 Apps to start your investment game.


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  1. You forgot (maybe) these:
    – Wahed Invest
    – Hello Gold

    How I use
    – Put as much as you can into Wahed
    – Withdraw profit from Wahed (Referral offers a huge amount, $10 per successful referal)
    – Using that profit, I purchase some Gold in Hello Gold
    – Rinse and repeat.

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