Youtube Rewind is a yearly video in a form of big events that happen on Youtube. A good example is Youtube Rewind 2012 where it showcase Gangnam Style because it was the biggest thing that happen on 2012:

It then became a tradition for the Youtube community to watch Youtube Rewind to see their favourite creators in the video. This year however is different because the biggest event happened on Youtube were The Battle of PewDiePie vs T-Series, Logan vs KSI and Shane Dawson but the creators didn’t appear on Youtube Rewind which in result, angers a lot of their viewers. And not only that, a lot of the viewers that got angry because Will Smith appearance in the intro as viewers doesn’t see Will Smith as a Youtuber but a mainstream celebrity. BTS song in Youtube Rewind also angers a lot of BTS fans. 

Upon writing this article, it has not even been 10 days after the video got live, it received a 12million dislikes which make Youtube Rewind 2018 the most disliked video on Youtube following Justin Bieber’s Baby which has nearly 10million dislikes. In justice to Justin Bieber’s Baby, it took 9 years for it to get near 10million dislikes. And many viewers are already un-disliking the video so that Youtube Rewind 2018 can be the number one on the most dislike video on Youtube.

Marques Brownlee, a tech youtuber explained why it became like this. Youtube as a platform need money to run and so they selected a number of “clean” Youtuber like Casey Neistat and Marques Brownlee to appease to advertiser to show the platform is healthy to promote their brand . They tried to balance out both to appease creator and advertiser but instead, it backfire them.

Youtube Creators on twitter made a joke about it

And they are aware about the dislikes they received and response to it

Let’s hope Youtube doesn’t screw Youtube Rewind 2019 next year.


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