Pewdiepie, who has been the number 1 youtuber for years may lose his spot to T-Series, an Indian music company. Both have been clashing fist to fist for months. And recently, He has been losing his spot several times to T-Series but regained back his spot to remain number One. He posted a video of T-Series surpassing him in this video and regain back the spot which is laughable to watch.

PewDiePie reacted to T Series passing him

Gulshan Kumar founded T Series urge people of India to subscribe to T Series which results a huge subscriber gained to T Series [source]. Followed by Bollywood celebrities Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor lending their support to make T Series number one. T Series have pass PewDiePie and become the number one Youtube channel several time.

As of right now, PewDiePie is still leading the game, follow short by T Series and this has become the Final battle between both channel. Can PewDiePie maintain his position before reaching 100million subscribe counts?



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